About Recognize

Immigration to Canada can be a demanding process that can sometimes leave skilled workers unrecognized for their talents.

This experience aims to support them in that process.

Canada's merit-based Express Entry system, the path to immigration and permanent residency for skilled workers, is known to be meticulous and houses no room for error for its applicants. Canada's goal to welcome more immigrants coupled with the demanding nature of the process creates a problematic gap.

'Recognize' aims to bridge that gap and create a platform fully dedicated to making Canada's Express Entry process more accessible and streamlined for potential immigrants. This website helps applicants know what step they're on within the process, track their progress and know which documents are needed and how to prepare them, all without the pressure of the 90-day limit to submit their profile.

This is a project by Maria Almira Silva.

Information is taken mainly from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (http://www.cic.gc.ca/).

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